Value of hiring immigrants

Immigrants bring a world of skills and talent to virtually any business.  With Canada’s aging workforce, pending record retirements, and increasing competition for skilled technology professionals, immigrants provide a valuable new source of technical and related skills that can help your business flourish in ways you might not thought possible including:

  • Providing valuable skills and experience including, technical expertise, flexibility, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, perseverance, determination, and a strong work ethic.
  • Bringing international expertise, providing a competitive edge by using their knowledge and experience to serve diverse local and international markets.
  • Having the ability to communicate effectively in more than one language, thus enhancing their business edge within changing local markets and growing international markets.

To realize these and countless other benefits employers need to ensure that HR planning and sourcing strategies are directed at attracting and integrating skilled immigrants in the most efficient manner possible.   Isn’t it time you began actively preparing for and recruiting immigrants for the benefit of your workplace?