Resources and Support

Thousands of employers across Canada are embracing the opportunity to hire immigrants and there are a host of immigrant employment councils and similar employer-facing organizations emerging nationwide to help you with this process. From specialized counseling and workplace training to employer guides, roadmaps, bridging programs and workshops, these organizations can help you develop and implement a hiring strategy and plan that is scaled to your needs. Immigrant Employment Councils can help provide information on such topics as:

  • Awareness and leadership
  • Creating a welcoming workplace environment
  • Strategies for developing training and skills
  • Selection process strategies
  • Planning and sourcing strategies

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The Employer’s Roadmap

In addition to resources provided by immigrant employment councils, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has developed a comprehensive Employers Roadmap that guides you through the process of integrating and retraining foreign trained workers.

The Employer's Roadmap to hiring and retaining internationally trained workers

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To view video testimonials on featured employers sharing their experiences in hiring internationally-trained workers and how it has benefited their organization click here.