Technology Disciplines

Technicians and technologists in Canada are certified by provincial technology associations under a number of disciplines. The academic requirements for each discipline are defined by a set of national standards called the National Technology Benchmarks (NTBs), described on the next page.

Some provincial associations currently certify individuals under additional disciplines. With time these will be considered for inclusion in the National Technology Benchmarks.

This site allows for self-assessment and application under those disciplines currently included in the Benchmarks, as follows: 

Technician and Technologist Disciplines
Technician-level Disciplines Technologist-level Disciplines
Architecture / Building Architecture / Building
Biotechnology Bioscience
Chemical Chemical
Civil Electrical
Computer Systems Electronics
Electrical Industrial
Electromechanical Environmental
Electronics Information Technology
Environmental Instrumentation
Forestry Mechanical
Instrumentation Mineral Resources
Mechanical Petroleum 
Mineral Resources Renewable Resources
Petroleum Survey / Geomatics
Survey / Geomatics  

All Canadian associations for technology professionals certify individuals to these standards.
Learn more about the National Technology Benchmarks.