Technology Professionals in Canada

Canada is a world leader in the application of new technology, and technicians and technologists are key elements in Canada's success. Canada's certified technicians and technologists make a difference in nearly every facet of business, industry and government.

The ten professional associations – one in each province – have over 55,000 technologists and technicians  members combined and share in common issues such as pan-Canadian standards, national and international mobility, and national accreditation of technology programs. The ten associations work together to  establish and maintain national competency benchmarks for certifying members with a 'quality seal of approval' in 14 applied science and engineering technology disciplines: bioscience, industrial, building, instrumentation, chemical, mechanical, civil, mining, electrical, petroleum, electronics, geomatics, forestry, and information technology.

The provincial associations are responsible  for issuing professional certification as either a technologist or technicians. These highly regarded credentials are recognized by provincial statute in most  Canadian provinces and under the provincial Society Act in others. Once certified, technicians and technologists may use one of the following professional designations: CET (Certified Engineering Technologist); AScT (Applied Science Technologist); CTech (Certified Technician); RET (Registered Engineering Technologist); PTech (Professional Technologist); and TP (technologue professionnel).