Settlement Services

Settlement services are for newcomers to Canada. Settlement agencies provide services and programs to help newcomers:

  • Learn language skills
  • Search for jobs
  • Start businesses
  • Explore new careers
  • Find educational opportunities
  • Get documents translated
  • Access information about community services, schools, healthcare
  • Make new friends and feel more at home

Most programs are free of charge and often services are available in different languages. Sometimes settlement and language programs are offered by organizations such as libraries, schools, colleges and universities.

Settlement Assistance for Technicians and Technologists

In addition to the services listed above, many settlement agencies will offer services tailored specifically to assisting newcomers with technology skills.

Services offered include:

  • Helping understand licensure requirements
  • Introductions to employers and employer networks
  • Helping identify transferable skills
  • Assistance with technical resume preparation
  • Access to programs to help get Canadian work experience
  • Mentoring programs

For more information on settlement organizations throughout Canada click on the link below: