Educational Webinars

As part of the Canadian Technology Immigration Network’s (CTIN) overseas promotion of the technology professions in Canada, a series of webinars is being planned to show case provincial technology associations in different regions of Canada, credential recognition processes leading to certification and career opportunities for internationally trained technicians and technologists considering immigration to Canada.   These webinars are being organized in partnership with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the Canadian Immigration Integration Program (CIIP) which is managed by the Association of Community Colleges of Canada (ACCC). CTIN and CIIP’s overseas platforms will coordinate the participation of prospective immigrants possessing engineering technology skills in China, India, the Philippines and the United Kingdom.   Technology associations across Canada are invited to work with CTIN in showcasing their province to international engineering technology professionals in these targeted regions.

The webinars will cover the full spectrum of integration issues including credential recognition and certification requirements, workplace culture, employment opportunities and career pathways for prospective technicians and technologists seeking certification and employment in Canada.  A list of guest speakers and topics of discussion will be provided to the participants in advance.