For Certification

  1. Do companies offer to help pay when an employee applies for certification with a provincial association?  
    Some do, others don’t.  There are no rules except that companies sometimes pay for the credentials as it helps with the bids they submit if all their employees are registered professionals.
  2. Do companies generally prefer to hire technologists or technicians who have certification with the provincial association?  
    Private companies may or may not (see above), but local and regional governments often much prefer registered professionals if they are available.
  3. Is there a certification course for construction management?  
    Yes:  many colleges offer excellent certificate and diploma programs in construction mgmt.  Also, there are a wealth of night school courses available.
  4. Where can one get the following certificates:  WHIMS, First Aid and CPR?
    Again, they are often offered by regional colleges, and by private education agencies, with courses paid for by the employer as a condition of their workplace regulations.
  5. What certificates are required by employers to be employed in the engineering technology  profession?  
    ‘Required’ is too strong a word:  if the work entails high-level engineering, a PEng is required to at least supervise those who do that work, but the workers themselves are not legally required to be registered.  However, it probably helps significantly if applicants have a professional designation, whether or not the employer prefers it.  How does one get these certificates?  Either go back to school and take the needed courses, or apply to the professional organization for registration.  They will tell you if additional courses are needed.   What organizations or agencies help an individual in the process of acquiring these certificates?  There are many Immigrant Assistance Agencies across Canada, and, in cooperation with the professional assn’s and colleges, individuals have access to all the assistance they should need.
  6. Is certification mandatory or is usually being requested for a Project Manager position?  
    Not always, but demonstrated experience is a must.  The Project Management Association of Canada is a good place to start looking for the needed credentials, academic and experiential.
  7. Are there fast track programs that can bring one closer to being certified with the provincial association?  Provincial technology assn’s treat applications from IEPs exactly the same as they treat domestic applicants.  What often causes the delays is waiting for official transcripts and references from non-Canadian sources.

On Terminologies

  1. What is the difference between engineering and engineering technology?  
    Engineering (or Professional Engineering) is that body of work which requires the application of Bachelor or higher degrees of education to perform.  Having said that, all Canadian Engineering associations and Technologist/Technician associations are in constant disagreement where the actual boundaries between engineering and technology lie, given the state of continually changing technology and availability of computer-aided design tools.
  2. What is the difference between a technologist and a technician?  
    Generally, technologists have at least one more year of education than technicians, with more math, science and research/report-writing skills, plus more depth and rigor in the technical topics in their discipline.  The same is true for engineers vs. technologists.  However, given an equivalent education, if a practitioner primarily generates documentation from with others take their technical direction, that individual is likely a technologist.  If the practitioner primarily works from technical documentation and direction provided by others, that person is likely a technician.  Having said that, both technicians and technologists may be highly regarded as experts in their particular fields, with specific knowledge which may well exceed that of engineers.

In the Workplace

  1. Are there standards required for safety shoes and the hard hat?  Are there brands that are considered acceptable? 
    Provincial safety regulations dictate the specifications for required job-site clothing, and suppliers and employers are very familiar with those regulations.  Employers may be subject to prosecution if they are found to have insufficiently-equipped employees on a job site by construction safety inspectors.

For Job Search

  1. What is the best technical entry level position that I can be admitted to in Canadian Telecommunications companies?  
    Impossible to answer. There is very little workplace occupation standardization beyond the National Occupation Classification (NOC), and ‘best’ is too subjective a descriptor.
  2. Will I be qualified as an engineering technical and technologist even if my experience is as a college lecturer?
    Very unlikely.  All T&T certification in all provinces requires demonstrated and verified (through references) industrial hands-on technical problem solving experience.
  3. Is there a website that provides the list of internship, mentoring and bridging programs for engineering technologists and technicians by province?  
    Not yet, but we’re working on it.  In the meantime, it would be useful to arrange an interview with the counselling dept in a Technical College or Institute of Technology in whichever province you plan to reside in.
  4. What characteristics or criteria do the employer is looking for from a new immigrant?  
    Please visit Canadian HRSDC Essential Skills lists and the Working in Canada Tool websites.
  5. Can you make suggestions on what highlights should be included in the resume of an engineering technologist or technican?  
    Every resumé should be carefully researched and targeted directly at the company or organization where the job is being offered.  Resumés for T&Ts are no different from any others in this respect.

We attempted to answer some of the questions addressed to us. If your question is not answered, please direct them to Anya Yablonska, CTIN Assistant Project Manager at [email protected]