Getting Started

CTIN provides all the information and contacts you will need for getting your credentials recognized and becoming Certified, both of which are important advantages to finding employment in Canada.

CTIN also allows you to register with the network to receive pre-arrival and post arrival information and assistance and to make contacts with potential employers in Canada.  To begin to prepare for your arrival in Canada or to accelerate your employment success follow the steps below.

Step 1   Understand the Role of Technicians and Technologists in Canada and the value of having your credentials recognized and becoming certified in Canada
Review the Technicians and Technologists In Canada section of this website to understand the prominence and roles of technology professionals and how their skills contribute to the broader “engineering team.” 

Step 2   Take a technical self assessment
Taking a technical self assessment of your skills is highly recommended.  The self-assessment will help you understand how your skills and abilities will be ranked in comparison with benchmarks for technicians and technologists in Canada.  The self assessment will help you understand whether Canadian employers will view your skills as being at the technician or a technologist levels.  This is an important distinction for you to know when seeking employment. 

Take a self assessment now

Step 3   Research Canada’s Labour Market Opportunities
Canada is a very large and diverse country that presents distinct regional and provincial labour market opportunities.  Before deciding where you should land or work in Canada please review the Engineering and Technology Labour Market data provided at the link below.   Depending upon your engineering technology discipline and experience, you will find different provinces and regions in Canada that are seeking the skills you offer. 

Please note that landing or living in the largest cities in Canada does not necessarily improve your chances of employment.   Often, smaller regional markets are in greater need of specific technical skills and may offer greater opportunities and quicker employment. 

Engineering and Technology Labour Market Data

Step 4   Register With CTIN
To access the many services offered by CTIN it is recommended that you register with the network.  When you register with CTIN our on-line system notifies CTIN partners in the province that you are planning to settle in of your plans to come to Canada, or if you are already here, that you are actively seeking assistance on the path to finding employment in your chosen technology profession.   

Note:  All information you provide to CTIN will remain confidential and will only be shared with the CTIN partners.
To register with CTIN and to begin preparing for employment success in Canada click here

Step 5    Applying for Certification in Canada 
If you have already registered with CTIN or would like to simply apply for certification in Canada without the assistance of the CTIN network please click the link below to begin your application for Certification in Canada.