Technology Discipline Profiles

Technicians and technologists in Canada are certified by provincial technology associations under a variety of disciplines. The academic requirements for each discipline are defined by a set of national outcome-based standards called the National Technology Benchmarks (NTBs).  

The technology discipline profiles below provide an overview of the 14 major technology disciplines in Canada. Each profile outlines specific occupations within each discipline; on the job responsibilities; education and professional requirements; the Certification process; pre-arrival preparation; language requirements; and employment information. 

Download the discipline or disciplines that best suit your academic and employment experience and find out more about these exciting careers!

1. Bioscience Technology

2. Building Technology

3. Chemical Technology

4. Civil Engineering Technology

5. Electrical Technology

6. Electronics Technology

7. Forestry Technology

8. Geomatics Technology

9. Industrial Technology

10. Information Technology

11. Instrumentation Technology

12. Mechanical Technology

13. Mineral Resources

14. Petroleum / Geosciences