CCTT Wins CIC Award for New Engineering Career Pathways Tool

Mar 14, 2014

On March 13, 2014, the Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists (CCTT) received an award from Citizenship and Immigration Canada for the newly-launched Engineering Career Pathways web tool.  Parliamentary Secretary, Hon. Costas Menegakis presented the prestigious award to CCTT Chair Louis LeBel on behalf of Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Chris Alexander at the 2nd annual IQN Awards hosted at the Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Quebec. The award was presented to CCTT for innovation and leadership in the “Overseas” category which focuses on pre-arrival supports for skilled workers immigrating or considering immigrating to Canada.

According to Chairman LeBel, the new Engineering Career Pathways tool has been specifically designed to help internationally-trained engineers, technologists and technicians explore alternative careers in Canada’s technology profession where their valuable engineering skills may be applied.  “We are pleased to have been able to develop this new tool with funding support from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) and to have received valuable collaborative input from our colleagues at Engineers Canada.”

Historically, a chronic issue which has challenged the successful integration of internationally-trained engineering and technology professionals is their lack of a clear understanding of the differences and similarities between the engineering and technology sectors in Canada.  The terms “engineer”, “engineering” and “engineering technology” have different meanings and implications around the world.   Each year, thousands of skilled newcomers come to Canada and learn that regardless of having been trained and worked as an “engineer” in their home country, their education and competencies may not allow them to immediately practice as a professional engineer in Canada.  A key support which has been lacking until now is an inventory of alternative career pathways and related occupations in the technology sectors for individuals possessing engineering skills but who may not immediately become licensed as professional engineers.

CCTT’s Engineering Career Pathways tool creates this important linkage allowing prospective immigrants at the pre-arrival stage as well as new arrivals already in Canada to investigate alternative career pathways for employment and to better prepare for integration into a wide range of technology occupations.  The tool is also connected with the Engineers Canada IEG Roadmap providing a first-ever direct link for newcomers exploring the relationship between the engineering and technology professions in Canada.

In addition, the new Engineering Career Pathways Tool provides:

  • Information on the engineering and technology professions in Canada and licensure requirements for each; 
  • An introduction to the “Engineering Team” comprising engineers, technicians and technologists, complete with defined roles, responsibilities, professional certifications and education requirements, and;
  • A digital pathway that links Canada’s professional engineering disciplines with related applied science and engineering technology disciplines and a full spectrum technology occupations.

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Caption (left to right):  Parliamentary Secretary, Hon. Costas Menegakis; Canadian Coucil of Technicians and Technologists (CCTT) Chair Mr. Louis LeBel, FEC (Hon.), CET, IntET(Canada) and Richard Tachuk, Engineering Career Pathways Project Director